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  • New Offer Versus Serve ... • Discuss the purpose of offer versus serve • Learn the new OVS requirement for NSLP ... Offer vs. Serve What, Where, ... • Found on Bing

  • ... Updated Offer versus Serve Guidance ... The guidance will be revised as needed to reflect new requirements ... schools must offer students all five required ... • Found on Bing

  • Offer versus serve or OVS is a concept that applies to menu planning and the meal service. OVS allows students to decline some of the food offered in a reimbursable ... • Found on Bing

  • ... encourage schools’ compliance with the new rules, ... Creates New Standards for Offer versus Serve ... Healthier School Meals: A Summary of the New USDA ... • Found on Bing

  • Webinar: Offer versus Serve. This webinar covers the USDA rules and regulations regarding offer versus serve ... covering both current regulations and new ... • Found on Bing

  • Offer Versus Serve 9-12 Grade Grouping . ... National School Lunch Program Offer vs Serve 9-12 Grade Grouping Staff Training PowerPoint Presentation Author: • Found on Bing

  • Offer Versus Serve. Offer Versus Serve is an option within the national school lunch and breakfast programs and is administered by the United States ... • Found on Bing

  • The Basic Difference Between Choices and Offer vs Serve ... Offer Versus Serve General Rules: Allows students to decline a certain number of food items in the meal. • Found on Bing

  • Schools digesting new lunch rules. ... What's New with School Lunch? See new rules compared to old guidelines. ... Some schools have an offer versus serve option, ... • Found on Bing

  • Posts tagged: Offer vs. Serve. Ask a School Meals Expert: How are Schools Helping Students Adjust to the New School Meals? 30 Comments. By Dr. Janey Thornton, ... • Found on Bing

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